Fyona Seguin

Small plant business


FAYE is a brand that embodies the enchantment of nurturing plants and encourages customers to become their own plant fairies, fostering a deeper connection with nature through personalized growth journeys.

Fée. meaning fairy in French, empowers you to become your own plant fairy. 

Rooted in botany, FAYE’s brand identity injects botanical practices and elements into it’s colours, typeface and graphic elements. 

The green and purple are accents of the Tradescantia plant species, FAYE’s original house plants.

FAYE appeals to those who value sustainable practices and hands-on experiences, offering not just plants, but the tools and guidance to create magical gardens at home. Each purchase includes a mystery seed paper and step-by-step guides, empowering customers to cultivate their own enchanting green spaces.

FAYE also designs gift wrapping from seed paper, so you can share the joy of giving and growing.

This sustainable gift wrap eliminates the waste created with traditional gift wrap, often laminated and unrecyclable.