Fyona Seguin

Fungi Foods
North Wales mushroom business


Mushroom farming as a contemporary solution for health-conscious consumers looking for convenient and innovative nutritional supplements.

We developed a brand identity rooted in nature and heritage while incorporating a playful twist for a new market; modern yet bursting with heritage.

An earthy burnt orange and organic cream lead the brand character, a palette that highlights product quality and that evolves with the brand, following earthy roots and undertones. 

Digital and product design
We designed on brand product labels for a series of nutirional products including a nut butter, dried supplements, and a serum. Each product is colour coded based on mushroom type and represented through unique illustrative content. 
Printed deliverables included a 2x1m banner, business cards and a fabric tote bag.  

We delivered brand guidelines including a brand strategy and identity with graphic, photogrpahic and illustrative guidelines.