Client: Not Just a Shop, University of Arts London

Brief: Design a new product or product range for retail sale in the UAL shop at Holborn and in the NJAS online shop. It must be a product that considers sustainable materials and production methods.

Project: That’s a Wrap, a circular forever wrapping material made with recycled soft plastics. 

Not just a shop sells a diverse range of home, fashion and giftware – from cards, stationery, bags and jewellery, through to limited edition prints and one-off artworks – all created by those who studied at UAL’s six leading arts colleges.


Wrapping material is often an incredibly wasteful single-use item, recycled inappropriately contributing to landfill pollution and industrial emissions. Current recycling methods contribute to global emissions especially in the incineration process and decrease material usability by 30% each time a product is recycled.

Soft lastics can be fused in smaller quanities and molded into new products without the need of industrial machines. Reusing plastics this way can potentially decrease the millions of plastic bags and wrapping paper sent to landfill every minute and decrease industrial emissions.

A multi-purpose reusable wrapping material made of recycled plastic packaging. Its colourful and unique colourways suits every occasion and can be used for parcel bags, gift wrap, or even product packaging. It is durable and can be reused and remolded into its original or custom shape, saving a dozen plastic bags from landfill per roll!

Soft plastics are currently collected from the Hackney area in London using giveaway apps. As the project grows, a soft plastics recycling bin is set to be placed in the community.

No Emissions
The production of the product produces no emissions due to the low temperatures at which soft plastics fuse.

Circular Design 

The product is designed to be appropriately recycled using a deposit system, easily repairable and resubale, and made to last forever due to the material’s durability.

& Multi-purpose.

The material can be adapted to serve as gift wrapping, parcel bags, and product packaging. Depending on its purpose, the product is packaged with a ‘Keep Me’ tag including an online instructons to ensure responsible usage.