One Lock at a Time

(Research Phase)
An ongoing project that aims to tackle and create awareness of river waste pollution in local communities. In collaboration with the Lower Regents Coalition, waste is collected from East London canals and used in 3D-printed garbage bins.  The project aims to encourage circular communities, in which waste is not only reduced but re-used. 


of the world's ocean plastics enter the ocean via rivers and coastlines (OceanCleanUp).

Using canal locks as waste traps could prevent tonnes of waste from reaching the river Thames, where it is then more likely to reach the ocean.

The project aims to encourage communities to consume less single use materials. The project does not target the source of plastic pollution but rather aims to start creating change at a small scale, where human values and perspectives must adapt new social behaviours for a more sustainable world.  

Halftone posters ecoprinted onto recycled materials  introducing the idea to the local community. 

One Lock at a Time
a video introducing the issue of river waste pollution in the Regents Canal, Hackney Wick. Using raw footage, the video aims to encourage all community members to contribute in tackling the issue, and shows that resources in order to so are right at our doorsteps.

Sound Design
Ricardo Capaldo
Freddie Betley

Heena Patel (poem)

Moo Canoes
Lower Regents Coalition

Lyra & Elowyn Shipp
Aled Griffith-Swain