We Design for the Community

Branding brief for Money A+E’s spin off project. 

Client: Objectif.uk, Mayor of London, Money A+E

Brief: A set of new branding guidelines for a social housing and financial education spin-off by Money A+E.

This brief is part of a commission as a selected participant of the We Design for the Community programme lead by design studio Objectif UK and Mayor of London's Community and Cultural Spaces at Risk Programme, partnering young designers with social organisations.



The spinoff project aims to provide a centre of 15-30 units of affordable accomodation in Newham, combined wit wraparound support to achieve successful ‘move on’ after a stay of 12-24 months.

As a spin-off project from Money A+E, the branding must have its own identity, while being able to associate with Money A+E. Visual identity was explored through 2 routes: modern versus organic, with three logo proposals and a variety of project titles.

Branded Content

A selection of branded content; website mockups, notepads, LinkedIn banners and Twitter banners to help visualise the explored routes.