Spatial Dialogue is a research publication and design project proposal for the refugee camp in Zaatari, Jordan. The project uses design to promote social and cultural integration with the aim of creating self-sustained, healthy communities, which only short-term dependence on humanitarian aid. 

 The zine explores past and present architecture within refugee settlements; the formation of settlements with and without the influence of humanitarian aid, and more specifcally, the spatial design of communal spaces. The research shows the innovation, creativity, and need for a sense of community within refugee settlements. These settlements are often alienated from other cities, making it difficult to integrate and find a sense of belonging.

The zine speculates on a project proposal, a communal space in the Zataari village, about 3.3km away from the Zataari Camp. The space invites citizens of both the camp and village to use the space for creative projects, building and designing the space themselves to create a sense of belonging. Spatial Dialogue, is a safe space for exchanging skills, knowledge, and molding new relationships. Creative workshops are organised and lead by community members, with the support of organisations.