‘WHAT IF IN 2121?’

Re-evaluating human-nature relationships

This speculative design project is a response to a brief which asked to imagine life in 100 years. The project focuses on access to natural environments in digitised urban spaces. 

Natural Environment 1: Forest Scenary.

According to London Public Transit Statistics, the daily average time spent on public transport is 2 hours, and a daily average of 10 minutes waiting for transit.
With little space for down-times, we speculated on the use of those 10 minutes of waiting, a time usually spent connected to the online world, how can technology be used to disconnect us?

We designed a speculative holographic device installed over public benches, mimicking various natural environments. The technology offers access to down-times in fast-paces urban settings. Users have the option for the holograpic device to create a dome-shape over the bench, or a half-dome. This is due to safety purposes.

Users can fully immerse themselves in an environment of their choice: forest, desert, or ocean. The device includes features which allow for a multi-sensory experience. A noise-cancelling feature to block out noise pollution and scent dispensers releasing natural scents such as petrichor and lavender. I took on creative direction, including concept and research, as well as the 3D modeling of the project.

Natural Environment 2: Desert Scenary.

Natural Environment 3: Ocean Scenary.